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Welcome to the Brittany-Scotland Association website

Brittany-Scotland association was created by both friends of Brittany and of Scotland in 2000, with a great desire to improve a better relationship between the two Celtic cousins.

The Association is meant to :
  1. Arrange meetings, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions and trips between Brittany and Scotland (and the reverse: Scotland and Brittany!) in the following areas: cultural, artistic (music, visual arts, literature, etc.), audio-visual, sports, economic (working of institutions and companies, promotion of good evoking or being part of the specific culture of Brittany or Scotland).
  2. Help creating twinning between towns, villages or associations in Brittany and Scotland.
  3. Help creating relations betweens the schools and universities in Brittany and Scotland, and try make possible the exchanges between students, whether as part of initial or in-house training.
  4. Establish contacts between the Breton and Scottish companies enjoying trade relationships with both countries and their industrial fabric, or companies on both sides willing to establish such relations, in view of cooperation and creation of networks (for example, the careers in shipping and fishing), of a sharing of techniques, especially within the framework of a common (Celtic) stamp, and of organising commercial or exploration weeks or events centred on general or particular themes.

The website presents the achievements and the projects of the association. Enjoy your visit !

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