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Brittany-Scotland Association realized exhibitions and lectures, participated to cultural events ( literature, music, ...) and wrote articles to promote Scotland and Brittany.

Concentré d'Ecosse exhibition
Exposition "Concentré d'Ecosse", 2011.


We exhibit in Brittany and in Scotland.

"Concentré d'Ecosse" Exhibition, Brest and Quimper University, 2011

Pictures and paintings from Janine Pira, Pierre Delignière and Pascal Beherec.

Ouessant Book Festival, 2011

Painting Exhibition from Pierre Delignière depicting Mull and May islands

Byre Theatre, St Andrews, 2010
"La P'tite Folie" Wine Bar, Edinburgh, 2010
French Institute, Edinburgh, 2011

Exhibitions depicting Brittany with art works from Maria Ansquer, Pascal Beherec, Pierre Delignière

Lecture about Scotland History at Sarzeau
Lecture about Scotland History, Sarzeau, 2014


We give lectures about Scotland (History, Literature, ...), especially during events.

European Heritage Days, 2007

Pierre Delignière gave a lecture at the Manoir de Kergoat en Plouédern, built by a Scottish engineer responsible for Landerneau spinning mills in the 19th c.

Ouessant Book Festival, 2007

  • Camille Manfredi and Bernard Sellin gave lectures about Scottish Literature.
  • Pierre Delignière gave a lecture about Gretna Green.

Bécherel Book Festival, 2008

  • « Regard sur la littérature écossaise aujourd'hui » by Bernard Sellin
  • « Présence de la Bretagne en Ecosse : éléments d'une recherche en cours » by Jean-Yves le Disez
  • « Un bout d'Ecosse méconnu, les Comtés des Dumfries et Galloway : histoire(s), littérature(s) » by Pierre Delignière
  • « Gretna Green : l'îlot des amoureux » by Pierre Delignière

As part of the Association Dimanche Partage, Quimper, 2011

Lecture about Scottish genius

On the occasion of the 2014 referendum related to the Scottish Autonomy

Pierre Delignière gave lectures from April to November 2014, organized by Guy Keltik from the Celtic League about Scotland History in Landerneau, Douarnenez, Quimper, Carhaix and in Sarzeau on the occasion of the « regard sur la Grande-Bretagne » month.


We participate and co-organize many cultural events, especially literary events (poetry, tales, book festival, ...).

Fiona MacLeod at Robert Burns 2009 party
Robert Burns 2009 party with Fiona MacLeod.
Christine de Luca, Ushant poetry prize
Christine De Luca receiving the Poetry Prize in Ouessant in 2007.
20th opening ceremony of the book Bécherel
Bécherel Book Festival opening in 2008.


On the occasion of Gordon Jarvie's book release (translated by Jean-Yves Le Disez) in 2009

Co-organization of a Poetry event (bilingual reading) in Quimper.

As part of the European program « D'Europe et d'Armor » initiated by the Côtes d'Armor departmental council in 2009

A Robert Burns event was organized :

  • Pierre Delignière presented the Scottish poet
  • Fiona MacLeod and the Loudéac reading group read a few poems
  • Brigitte Kloareg performed songs written by the poet

The association co-organized and participated to 2 Book Festivals : Ouessant in 2007 and Bécherel in 2008.

Ouessant Book Festival, 2007

Festival dedicated to the Scottish Islands Literature and organized by the association C.A.L.I (Culture, Arts et Lettres des Iles)

  • Thanks to Rob Gibson(honorary president)'s important commitment, we helped to search and select 11 Scottish authors.
  • We organized lectures.
  • We led literary gathering cafe.
  • We wrote a report about Scottish Literature and Culture for the association C.A.L.I.
  • Alix Quoniam performed her show « La Route des Cygnes » on the occasion of the festival.

Bécherel Book Festival, 2008

  • Advice and expertise on Scottish Economy and Culture, lectures organization
  • Connection between organisers and Scottish poets Christine de Luca (Shetland islands, Shetland language) and Peter Angus Campbell (Hebrides, Scottish Gaelic language)
  • Jacques Rabin translated simultaneously the lecture given by Christine de Luca
  • Pierre Delignière exhibited pictures from Scotland
  • Alix Quoniam performed her show « La Route des Cygnes »
Alix Quoniam Concert
"La route des cygnes" Alix Quoniam and Dominique Molard Show (pictures G. Le Gall)


Festival de Cornouaille 2002

Thanks to Rob Gibson, we welcomed the Kiltearn Fiddlers on the occasion of the festival.
Objective : To stimulate exchanges between Breton and Scottish musicians.

On the occasion of the Ouessant 2007 Book Festival and on the occasion of the Bécherel 2008 Book Festival

Alix Quoniam performed « La Route des Cygnes » with Dominique Mollard.

As part of the European program « D'Europe et d'Armor » initiated by the Côtes d'Armor departmental council in 2009

Alix Quoniam performed Gaelic songs at a St Brieuc high school.

Ar Men Septembre-Octobre 2014 cover
Ar Men September-0ctober 2014.


CARN Interceltic Journal

Brittany-Scotland often offers articles. For example, Pierre Delignière wrote an article about the Scottish elections (translated in Breton by Guy Keltik).

« Etude de marché Bretagne-Ecosse », 2009

The « Etude de marché Bretagne-Ecosse » report was published (based on the training report of Romain Loiseau).
The market study is about Brittany and Scotland relations.

Ar Men Magazine

In 2014, the association gave the Ar Men editors advices to realize the September-October 2014 issue which was about the Scottish referendum.

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